Why You Should Consider Buying a Property from the Landowner’s Share: Top 5 Reasons

Land owner's share

In the complex landscape of real estate joint ventures, a dilemma often arises: Should one buy a property from the builder’s share or the landowner’s share? While both options have their merits, buying from the landowner can offer unique advantages that are often overlooked. Here are the top five reasons why purchasing a flat from the landowner’s share might be the savvy choice for you.

1. Cost-Effectiveness: More Bang for Your Buck

One of the most compelling reasons to consider the landowner’s share is the potential for cost savings. Most of the time, landowners offer properties at more competitive prices. This cost-effectiveness provides a significant financial incentive, particularly for first-time buyers or those with a tight budget. If you’re looking to maximize value without compromising on quality—especially in premium under-construction projects—a flat from the landowner’s share may be the right choice.

2. Room for Negotiation: Flexibility in Terms

Landowners are generally more flexible when it comes to negotiating the terms of the sale, including pricing and payment plans. Whether you’re looking to make a lower down payment or negotiate the per-square-foot rate, a landowner may be more amenable to accommodating your financial situation. This flexibility can make the purchasing process less stressful and more tailored to your individual needs.

3. Unique Inventory: Choose From the Best

The landowner’s share often includes unique units or parcels that come with specific attributes, such as more favourable locations within the development, better views, or larger spaces. These unique choices can be particularly appealing for buyers with specific preferences that go beyond the standard offerings found in a builder’s inventory.

4. Lower Booking Amounts: Easier Entry Point

Landowners may have lower upfront booking amounts compared to established builders. For those keen on securing a property without an exorbitant initial financial commitment, this could be an attractive benefit. This lower entry point allows you to invest without feeling overleveraged, providing some breathing room as you navigate the other financial aspects of buying a home.

5. No Risk with Builder-Managed Construction

In cases where the builder is responsible for construction, quality, and compliance—as is often seen in joint ventures—you can enjoy the cost benefits of a landowner’s share without compromising on the build quality. Essentially, you get the best of both worlds: the cost-effectiveness of the landowner’s share and the quality assurance of a reputable builder.


Buying a flat from the landowner’s share in a joint venture project offers a range of advantages that are not to be ignored. From financial benefits to unique inventory selections and more negotiable terms, the landowner’s share provides an appealing alternative to the builder’s share. When the construction responsibility lies with a reputed builder, these advantages become even more compelling.

Therefore, as a discerning buyer, it would be prudent to seriously consider the landowner’s share when looking to invest in a new property.

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